Sharp AHXP10UXD 1.0 HP R410A Gas J-Tech Inverter Air Conditioner

Brand: Sharp
Product Code: AHXP10UXD + AUX10UXD
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Premium Inverter
Coanda Airflow System - This function sends cold air travelling up to the ceiling during cooling operation to avoid direct airflow
Dragonfly Wing Fan - The cross-flow fan blades are modeled after the shape of a dragonfly's wing to boost airflow efficiency.
Inverter-Controlled Operation - This function enables quick cooling while limiting temperature fluctuations and reducing power use
Lock-On Sensor - The air conditioner detects the location of the remote and automatically sends refreshingly cool air in that direction.
Long Airflow - This function sends cool air travelling upward and across the room to provide gentle, even cooling.
Super Jet Mode - In this mode, the air conditioner delivers powerful blasts of cool air to rapidly reduce room temperature.
W Flex Louver - A specially designed louver with a wide range of motion delivers cool air to every corner of the room
Refrigerant : R410A
Outdoor Unit : AUX10UXD