Sharp AHAP18SMD 2.0HP R410A Gas Plasmacluster Air Conditioner

  • RM2,569.00

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  • Brand: Sharp
  • Product Code: AHAP18SMD + AUA18SMD
  • Availability: In Stock

Auto operation mode the temperature setting and mode are automatically selected according to the room temperature
Auto restart function is to restart automatically after the power recovery.
Baby sleep mode gentle healthy cooling for delicate people such as babies and mothers-to-be
Easy clean mesh filter, dust is easily removed for simple cleaning.
Gentle cool air system provies cold air traveling up the ceiling during cooling operation in order to abvoid direct airflow.
Low wattage type, highly efficient evaporators and condensers enable these models to operate with greater energy efficiency.
Plamacluster ions - High density 7000 which clean the room air powerfully and quickly.
Super jet delivers powerful cool air downward and cools the room and your body quickly.
Refrigerant : R410A
Outdoor Unit : AUA18SMD

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